Dance:  Group Instruction
My brain is concerned with getting things right all the time,
be creative at times for fear of being judged.
Maria's creative dance class opened my head and spiritual body to
the beauty of being carefree and vulnerable. This class allowed me
to get out of my head and just move the way my body was telling
me it wanted to move. I smiled, I cried, I felt peace.
Do your body a favor, stop listening to that little voice in your head
and take this class.
-Regina Sayles (singer-songwriter, performer)
are ready to learn more, for those who are performing and potentially expanding to a
career in the performing arts, private dance instruction will help you!  
*Students who receive private lessons from Maria may be enrolled in
weekly classes elsewhere.  Her desire is in assisting those who want to grow and
who need more individualized attention, focus & feedback.
The education you'll receive by being mentored by Maria will
allow you to take what you've learned and apply it any where you will ever dance.

Maria specializes in enhancing solid dance technique, Lyrical Contemporary,
Modern, Jazz, Theater Dance, Tap, Choreography, musicality,
developing and making a loving connection with the spirit and
heart of the person dancing.  
She will help you to make a connection with the dancer within...
the one who is really doing the dancing and bringing the beauty of movement
to life through the creative expression of the body that dances.

Other areas of expertise include teaching students how to choreography,
giving feedback on existing choreography, cleaning and polishing existing
choreography, creating new choreography, and teaching students how to embody
the work and perform it from a sincere and honest place.
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Private Dance Instruction is offered from ages 10 through adult.
(1) 30 minute private session - $30
(Package of 4) 30 minute private sessions - $100
(1) 60 minute private session - $60
(Package of 4) 60 minute private sessions - $200
*Must use all lessons in the package within 4 to 6 weeks of purchase.
Please contact Maria at
Class: Lyrical Modern Jazz (adults/all levels)
Day & Time: Tuesdays 6pm to 7pm
Dates: Jan. 24th to February 28th
Length: 5 weeks
Tuition: $70
Drop ins: $15 (text prior to attending)

Class: Student Company Class Workshop & Rehearsal
Day & Time: Friday 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Jazz Dance for Teachers
Day & Time: Friday, 12noon to 1pm
Dates: TBA
Length: 6 weeks
Tuition: $108
Do you need to dance just for you again? Run out of ideas?
Need more information on teaching a jazz class?
Re-invent and re-energize yourself as a dancer and as a
teacher with this inspiring jazz class geared to get you grooving while learning
some of Maria's "tried-and-true" teaching methods.  Refresh yourself, grow,
and learn to tap into your own well of inner-creativity.  Enjoy Maria's
coordination exercises, choreographic combinations, center and floor work, as
well as, Q & A, stretching and meditation.  Come feed and nurturing your
dancing soul on all levels!  *Perfect for seasoned dance teachers, those new to
teaching or those interested in teaching.
Dance: Private Instruction
Class: Dance your Spirit (adults, all levels welcome)
Day & Time: TBA - reach out with interest
Express yourself through this beautiful creative dance exploration.
Through this moving dance meditation you'll feed your soul and nurture yourself
from the inside out.  Empowering and motivational guidance will inspire you to
set your Spirit free. You don't have to know what you're doing, just open your
heart and Dance...for the joy of it.  Set yourself free.

Dance your Spirit is also offered in a delightful 2-hr workshop.  
Please contact Maria if you are interested in finding out when the next
workshop is or if you'd like to invite some friends to arrange a special workshop
for your group.
The workshop is $33 per person.  

A special note from Maria about "Dance Your Spirit":
I'm so happy to offer this beautiful dance experience to you, "Dance your Spirit".
I looked within myself to see what it is that I share that really supports and
inspires the people I teach and this is IT!

Dance your Spirit is about...
Healing. Joy. Peace. Love. Flow. Happiness. Opening. Release. Support.
Guidance. Inspiration. Awareness. Honesty. Acceptance. Compassion.
Sharing. Growth. Expansion. Living your Spirit.

Dance your Spirit is for dancers and non-dancers ~ those who love to move and
those who know they need to move.

Dance your Spirit will get you grounded and connected to your body.

It will help you to open and process emotions (e-motion: energy in motion),
which flows and expands your energy in all areas of your life.

It will teach you how to love, care, respect and support yourself.