Receive the guidance and support you need today!
Enjoy a session from the comfort of your own home!  

"Spiritual Guidance Session"
Share with me what's on your mind and in your heart, as we then
allow information to come forward for you from your team of Guides, Angels,
Higher Self and Spiritual Team.  During this beautiful 45 minute session,
you will receive Reiki as you enjoy an spiritual reading
and channeled guidance by Maria Triano.
It's always so amazing to see how things just pop into place and show up
exactly when we need them.  You will receive messages & guidance from
Spirit, which will help to support you on your life's path for your highest
and best good; reclaim your power and fill with Light & Love.
This session is done via a free easy-to-use app called Zoom.
Remote Session: $61
*If you'd like to book a longer session - I am happy to accommodate you.

"Long Distance Reiki Recharge"
Reiki is a powerful, life-affirming, health-inducing, energetic and Spiritual gift
from the Divine.  It releases blocks in the mind, body and auric field
so that Love can flourish.  It's a beautiful way to infuse yourself with
Peace, Love, Joy & Light and to let go of what no longer fits your life.
This 30-minute session will be received
remotely in the private space of your home.  
Allow the Light of the Divine to cleanse and clear you.
Remote Session Fee: $33
*If you'd like to book a longer session - I am happy to accommodate you.

To schedule a private session for yourself or as a gift for someone you care about,
please respond by email, via Facebook message, and/or call to arrange a date and
payment.  Cards are accepted.  Spiritual Guidance Sessions are done via a
free easy-to-use app called Zoom.  Zoom is a great video conferencing app.  
Download the free app to your device.  I will give you the meeting ID#, you'll pay
for your session via paypal and will meet you there for a session that is sure
to give you exactly what you are seeking.  Once you book your session, I will explain
the simple process to enjoy your remote session from your own space at home.  
You'll love it!

Please reach out if you are interested in learning Reiki yourself.
I offer Reiki Trainings and Certification in all levels.

I'm honored to share the energy of Love & Light with you.
Thank you for being YOU!