Growth. Strength. Vitality. Health. Flexibility.
We rarely hear the inward music,
but we're all dancing to it nevertheless.

Reclaim your Peace by giving yourself the gift of a private session
designed especially for you to realign your mind, body & spirit.
Allow Maria to guide, nurture, support and help to connect you to your
true self by way of
Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Cardio,
Meditation, Spiritual Guidance, Angel Card Readings,
Reiki, Bodywork and Essential Oils
Your session will be designed for your specific needs & desires.
The flow of the session will be guided in a way that feels just right for you.  
Maria uses her gifts as a Spiritual Intuitive to give you exactly what you need,
in the way that you need it.  No two session are alike.  
Private sessions for available for children, teens & adults.
Private Sessions range from $60 to $120
fees based on $1 per minute
Please Note:  If you are enjoying one of my Spiritual guidance sessions
of any kind (via phone, online or in-person), know that I am channeling information for you,
please be flexible both in time and in payment.
Spirit will give you exactly what you need and will respect the human limitation of time,
however the length of sessions can be hard to predict before hand.
The session unfolds in the exact way and timing for you.
Your flexibility is greatly appreciated so that I can give you a full, accurate and inspiring session.

Thank You!

If you are enjoying any Reiki or energy work during your session,
it's recommended that you go home and rest, take a nap &/or enjoy a snack
once your session has finished.  This gives you time to reboot yourself.
✼✤Self-care is key to your integration.✤✼

Spirit Speaks: Business Mentorship
If you are in need of business mentoring or coaching, I'm happy to help you.
If you need guidance, resources, questions answered, to learn to trust yourself and/or build your
self-confidence to run your heart-based, home-based or public studio-based business,
you are not alone and there is support available here. :)

Through valuable life experience, education, knowledge and wisdom in owning and
operating a dance studio, being a professional teacher and choreographer, spiritual guide
and mentor for over 20 years, I can be of service to you as you grow,
change and give wings to your dreams.
I can help you to get clear about what it is you'd like to do, why you'd like to do it,
who you plan to share your gifts with and help you to align with your self-worth.

If your soul has been calling you to create a
dance/fitness and/or spiritually-based business, I can help you.

I know what it takes to give life to your passions and dreams
and the consistent focus,
motivation and determination it requires too.  
(especially on the days you feel like giving up on yourself)  
It is my pleasure to help you bring to light
your natural gifts and talents so that you can share your love with your students and clients.  
When you lead with your heart, you help others to be the best they can be,
you live in your joy and can receive financial compensation for the unique services you provide.  
There is no need to wait, you can start wherever you are.

Spirit Speaks: Business Mentorship is also perfect for those of you who may be refining your
current business and weeding out what no longer fits to allow for new growth and expansion.
If you know you need to make a change because you're feeling depleted and over-whelmed,
this is for you!  

Reach out to get started!  
Sessions are done in-person at the PA Dance Network studio,
online via a fee video conferencing app called Zoom, by phone or email.

Spirit Speaks Business Mentorship Package
  • is offered to you as a beautiful 12 hour mentorship package
  • 30% discount when you pay for your mentorship package on or before your
    first session - $420
  • receive mentorship by the hour - $60

Each session is always packed full of useful information and spiritual guidance.
Let's get you started!

To arrange for private sessions or Spirit Speaks: Business Mentorship,
please contact me directly.
Learn to love yourself one step at a time.

Spirit Speaks: Business Mentorship
with Maria