Class: Blissful Decompression Yoga
Day & Time: Mondays 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Dates: May 2nd - May 23rd (no class May 30th)
Length: 4 weeks
Tuition: $56
Call ahead to drop-in: $15
If you are ready for a Divinely-guided, yoga-based, peace-inducing,
life-enhancing experience which will cause you to make positive shifts in your
perception and bring healing & happiness to your body...
you’ll want to give yourself the gift that this experience offers.  
Learn how to fill yourself with Light, Love and self-acceptance by exploring basic
Hatha yoga-inspired postures.  Stretch & become aware of your breath as you
create space to lengthen, strengthen and flow.  

If you are ready to embrace a new way of life, continue with your yoga practice,
need a peaceful haven to unwind and let go of the mind’s chatter &/or simply know
that you need to slow down and become present with yourself...mind, body & spirit...
this is for you.

This class is suitable for those who have experience or for those just beginning.
It's great for teens & adults.  Each class is unique and different from the next.

Meet yourself wherever you are and begin...again.
Reinvent yourself.  
Now is the time.  
It's always the right time.

Class: The Sanctuary of Reiki & Meditation
Day & Time: Mondays 6:45pm to 7:30pm
Dates: May 2nd - May 23rd (no class May 30th)
Length: 4 weeks
Tuition: $48
Call ahead to drop-in: $15
Are you ready to take your experience, practice and enjoyment of Reiki
to the next level?!  This delightful, insightful, and glowing, weekly, 45 minute class will
take you there.  Come into the sanctuary of your own heart as you practice
self-Reiki through Divinely-inspired guided meditation.  Receive channeled guidance,
valuable information and support needed for you as you walk your Reiki path and grow
into and with your own Light.  Sink into yourself and your connection with the
Universal Life Force Energy.  

One of the wonderful benefits by coming to a group class like this is that you will now
be making time for yourself and your Reiki; you'll be focused on your Reiki and giving
yourself sacred space to grow.  <3  This will lead you to many new doorways.   

Those who have taken any level of Reiki with me or have been attuned by other
Reiki Masters are welcome to attend.  If you haven't been attuned yet, and feel as
though this class resonates with you, please reach out.
There are always possibilities.