Class: Blissful Decompression Yoga
Day & Time: Mondays 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Dates:  Sept. 14th to Oct. 26th (no class Oct. 12th)
Class Length: 6 Weeks
Tuition: $84
Call ahead to drop-in: $15

If you are ready for a Divinely-guided, yoga-based, peace-inducing,
life-enhancing experience which will cause you to make positive shifts in your
perception and bring healing & happiness to your body...
you’ll want to give yourself the gift that this experience offers.  
Learn how to fill yourself with Light, Love and self-acceptance by exploring basic
Hatha yoga-inspired postures.  Stretch & become aware of your breath as you
create space to lengthen, strengthen and flow.  

If you are ready to embrace a new way of life, continue with your yoga practice,
need a peaceful haven to unwind and let go of the mind’s chatter &/or simply know
that you need to slow down and become present with yourself...mind, body & spirit...
this is for you.

This class is suitable for those who have experience or for those just beginning.
It's great for teens & adults.  Each class is unique and different from the next.

Meet yourself wherever you are and begin...again.
Reinvent yourself.  
Now is the time.  
It's always the right time.
Class: Journey into Meditation (teen & adult)
Day & Time: Mondays 7pm to 7:45pm
Dates: Sept. 14th to Oct. 26th (no class Oct. 22nd)
Length: 6 weeks
Tuition: $66
Call ahead to drop-in: $12