~General Information~
If you or your child have a sincere interest, passion & desire in becoming a
student of dance, yoga, creative art, are in need of private training or
coaching, Reiki healing or meditation courses, or simply need to connect
with like-minded people who embrace a gentle, kind, holistic life-style,
please call and speak with Maria or send an email to
Intimate class sizes to encourage self-growth,
self-expression, self-healing & confidence in ones self.
New sessions & workshops forming often.
Please reach out!

If you need to shop for some new dance clothes, we recommend  
Use Teacher's ID #TP28845 when placing your order
to receive discounts and special offers.

Peace & Namaste.
Welcome! & Namaste!
Our beautiful private studio offers exclusive classes,
a variety of private sessions, Reiki certification programs & retreats...
Classes are offered to children, teens & adults
in a variety of genres & modalities.
Our students refer to the classes, teachings and the environment
H E A V E N on Earth. :D
Step into your own paradise as you fill &
nurture your soul with Peace and Love.
“Joy is peace dancing. Peace is joy at rest.”
― Frederick Brotherton Meyer

Get your copy of Maria's book,
The Namaste Garden & a deck of her
spiritual guidance cards to help guide you
on your path of peace, love & joy!
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P.O. Box 420 Analomink, PA 18320
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leaders, mentors & coaches.  
Come on in!    
Maria Triano
Educator, Instructor, Choreographer, Reiki Master,
Spiritual Intuitive & Published Author
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PA - Pennsylvania, the state of Independence! Mind              
Dance - to move Body
Network - a system of interconnectedness Spirit